⌨️Available Commands

Below will list out the available commands, please be sure to read roles and permissions section to ensure proper settings are set for the commands.


"/tip [who] [amount] [token] [comment] [split]"

  • Tip either a single member or a specific role (defaults to $SEIYAN).

  • Ensure SPLIT is true if you would like the tip to be split amongst participants.

"/tipall [amount] [token] [user]"

  • Tip all users.

  • Can filter based on "ONLINE", "ALL" and others...

"/deposit [token]"

  • Returns your personal deposit address, it is different for each token.

  • (IMPORTANT: you MUST include a MEMO or the funds will be lost permanently)

"/withdraw [token] [memo]"

  • Withdraw the token selected to your external address

  • Optional MEMO


  • Get all your token's balance.

"/leaderboard [token_name]"

  • Get top tippers/receivers for specified token

  • Various date ranges (1d, 7d, 30d)

"/droptip [amount] [token] [duration] [comment]"

  • Initiate a drop message where users can click to collect tips

  • The tip will be split amongst participants who enter

  • You can set duration (1mn, 2mn, ..., 4h, 12h)

"/quickdrop [amount] [token]"

  • Initiate a drop message where first user to click will collect the whole tip amount

"/voucher make [amount] [token] [comment]"

  • Make a first come first serve voucher link and share to other friends/community

"/coininfo [coin]"

  • Get general info about the coin

"/notifytip [onoff]"

  • Toggle tip bot notifications


  • Get a count of all roles

  • Used to determine whether it's feasible to mass drop to a specific role

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