Buy Panel

When using the buy option from the main menu to purchase a token, or when pasting a contract address in the bot chat, the following buy panel will appear after a valid token contract address is identified (if you click on the β€˜Get $SEIYAN’ button in the main menu, the $SEIYAN token contract address will be automatically filled).

Most of the information on the buy panel is self-explanatory and provides you with an overview of the current market price, market cap, liquidity information, and price impact calculations.

The bot will show a warning if a token has low liquidity or carries any other risk.

Below the message caption, you have several options to input an amount to purchase with, depending on the value you want the amount to be denominated in (either in $SEI or in $USD).

If you enable the auto-buy option, the bot will automatically purchase the preset amount without waiting for your input.

Buying Tokens

Once you click on the desired amount, a message will notify you of the purchase flow and produce an error if the transaction fails.

Make sure to always leave enough $SEI on your wallet to pay for transaction fees!

If your transaction is successful, the following message will show up with information about your purchase:

You can view the price you bought at, and the message will also include a link to the transaction on the block explorer (along with a super helpful β€˜Buy Again’ button when browsing your transaction history).

The trade panel will appear shortly after the confirmation and is the center piece of the trading bot, so let’s learn about it next!

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