🏦SEIYAN Syndicate

This is an ongoing effort to expand the @SeiNetwork ecosystem and support early Sei tier 1 and/or critical infrastructure projects, backed by leading investors or influential stakeholders. Part of this initiative is to offer crowdfunded grants contributed by SEIYAN token holders in the community to these projects at the seed stage level. These are not investment offerings, but rather voluntary grants from SEIYAN holders to participate in the early stages of such project developments. Therefore, no tokens or returns should be expected in return.

We will onboard projects that intend to actively work with the SEIYAN brand and community as marketing contracts. Any tokens provided to the SEIYAN community from such projects will likely be distributed to syndicate directors who will then in return award syndicate participants on an equitable basis.

Access to such early stage projects requires Super Seiyan IV role (2.5M $SEIYAN tokens) for a minimum period on the Seiyan Discord to access specially gated channels.

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