🛒How to Buy SEIYAN

You can currently obtain $SEIYAN from centralized exchanges (MEXC, CoinEx), or obtain it directly on chain (recommended):

Contract Address: sei1hrndqntlvtmx2kepr0zsfgr7nzjptcc72cr4ppk4yav58vvy7v3s4er8ed

Astroport Pair Address: sei1g9j2v50ngnr0x38m393uccvclpk3mt8uhckzravslgey3gwpasusvcx43n



Backup Chart: https://www.geckoterminal.com/sei-network/pools/sei17pcj9gjz29d3x5kh4tu5hkl988jfjmzk56rgxa0u84g5rwkcfqdqvp47gu


  1. Get a SEI compatible wallet -- Compass Wallet recommended.

  2. Bridge over another token to SEI on SEI network using one of the following options:

  3. You will need the wallet address you created in Compass in Step 1, to input into the recipient address on one of the bridges or CEX withdraw destination

  4. After your funds are bridged across to SEI network, go to Astroport AMM and connect your Compass Wallet.

  5. Swap SEI for $SEIYAN in Astroport, by pasting the following contract in sei1hrndqntlvtmx2kepr0zsfgr7nzjptcc72cr4ppk4yav58vvy7v3s4er8ed

Note: To view your token in Compass, import the token contract address above and make sure to enable the setting to show low token values.

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