💣Discord Raid Bot

Discord Engagement Bot Guide


Welcome to the comprehensive guide for our new Discord engagement bot!

This bot is designed to encourage and reward active participation within our community. By commenting, liking, and retweeting, you can earn points, which we call "beans".

At the end of each month, participants can win a share of prizes paid in SEIYAN.

How It Works:

Earning Beans:

  • Like: Earn 50 beans for each like.

  • Retweet (RT): Earn 100 beans for each retweet.

  • Comment: Earn 150 beans for each comment.

  • Note: The bot will track your activities and automatically update your bean balance.

Monthly Rewards:

Get Paid to Raid - the more you raid our tweets, the higher your rewards.

At the end of each month, top 15 participants will receive $1000 in prizes, distributed through our tipbot. This competition is an ongoing event, meaning you get the chance to win something every month! At the end of each month, we'll calculate the total beans each participant has earned.

We'll distribute prizes divided among the top 15 participants.


Reward will go directly to your discord wallet via our SEIYAN Tip Bot.

Setting Up:

Ensure you are a member of the Discord server.

Connect your Twitter account to Discord by interacting with any tweet or using the /link-twitter command

Start engaging with content within discord community to begin earning beans.

Tracking Your Beans:

You can check your current bean balance at any time by using the /balance

Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how you compare to other participants with the /leaderboard command


Q: How often can I earn beans?

A: You can earn beans with every like, comment, and retweet in every tweet posted in the "raid-tweets" channel.

Q: When will I receive my rewards?

A: Rewards are distributed within the first week following the end of the month.

Q: Can I exchange beans for cash?

A: No, beans are not exchangeable for cash. They are a measure of your engagement and determine your share of the monthly cryptocurrency prizes.

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