💵SEIYAN Ecosystem Fund

SEIYAN token is publicly viewed as a memecoin, but in actuality serves as a major branding mechanism to onboard users onto the Sei chain. As SEIYAN is the current market leader based on liquidity and volume on chain, the plan is to utilize this branding as a nexus to intertwine Defi projects and communities on Sei through the SEIYAN token. If you are interested in leveraging the SEIYAN brand, we have four tracks in which you can apply for SEIYAN tokens, and to a limited extent, stablecoins. Amounts would be subject to review for value add return as well as possible cliff/vesting/milestone requirements.

Available Funding Tracks:

  • Defi Development: Build a new defi tool, mechanic, primitive, or derivative project in order to integrate SEIYAN use cases or provide exclusive privileges to SEIYAN holders. Alternatively, build a defi tool for SEIYAN to effectively acquire and operate under the SEIYAN brand.

  • Defi Incentivization: If you have an existing defi project, we can incentivize your pool or product by offering SEIYAN emission rewards by integrating your product in some way for SEIYAN use case. We would expect some sort of long term relationship in which SEIYAN emission can be recuperated through your project.

  • Influential Marketing: If you have more than 10,000 followers with high engagement, you will commit to directing SEIYAN narratives and awareness on a regular basis for a fixed period of time.

  • Contests & Giveaways: If you have an influential project with a large Sei-based Discord community of at least 3,000 organic users as well as other branding/social media assets, we would be open to strengthening cross promotional branding and awareness.

All submissions must in some way improve both the Sei ecosystem and SEIYAN branding leadership. Requests for a tactical combination of multiple tracks can be considered. Grants will be typically provided in buckets of $500 to $20,000 in valuation, depending on the value add and use case. Larger requests may require confidential identity disclosure during evaluation.

SEIYAN currently has 15% of the supply allocated for marketing initiatives. We have projected our growth trajectory such that total circulation of awarded grants will be generally limited to not more than 10% of the current LP at any given time in order to minimize impact. Each grant award will be evaluated for projected value that can exceed this 10% rate for an overall positive impact.

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