Main Menu

The main menu will be presented upon starting the bot or when you send the /start command to it.

The menu allows you to access all the functions of the trading bot and has several buttons attached to it.

  1. Get $SEIYAN: this allows you to purchase $SEIYAN tokens directly if you have created your wallet and have funded it with $SEI tokens.

  2. Buy: the buy button allows you to purchase any CW-20 or Token Factory token on Sei Network, provided you have the token’s contract address and wallet ready.

  3. Trades: this button opens the trading panel which presents all your current active trades and allows you to add to & close your positions in an intuitive manner.

  4. Invite: the invite panel allows you to create your own referral link, which you can share with your friends and on your social media accounts to start earning a percentage of the revenue created from the trading fees of the users you refer to the bot, forever!

  5. Rewards: this feature allows you to track your referral earnings and payouts along with statistics on how many users you have invited.

  6. Wallet: the wallet menu allows you to generate or import a wallet, which the bot will use to trade with.

  7. Settings: with this panel, you can modify default settings and customize them to your liking.

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