👛Tip Bot

This is a Tip Bot specifically designed for Discord, designed to allow users to store a token balance based on their Discord username, while also being able to withdraw directly to on-chain without paying any gas fees, and can tip each other directly in Discord.

User's will also be able to seamlessly use their balance across any Discord server that supports our Tip Bot.

The Tip Bot dramatically improves user engagement and retention as well as incentivizes activities that server mods or admins wish to run as campaigns.

Use this link to invite the bot into your server: https://tipper.seiyan.tech/ There is a 1% transaction fee on each tip that occurs.

It currently supports $SEI, $SEIYAN, $AAAAAA, and native USDC tokens only.

Please contact a team member on our Discord using the #support channel if you are interested in deploying the tip bot on your server or implementing your Sei-based CW20 token. The latter is subject to a review process based on user activity and volume, as well as an implementation listing fee.

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