Trade Panel

The trade panel allows you to manage active trades using an intuitive interface.

As the buy panel, it provides you with current market information about the purchased token, calculates profit/loss figures, shows the estimated payout if you were to liquidate your position, and has several buttons below, which allow you to increment or sell your holdings.

When you click on the โ€˜Sell โ‡” Buyโ€™ button, it switches between buy mode and sell mode (effectively closing or incrementing your trade balance).

On the sell side, you have:

  • Sell Initials: sell just enough to cover your invested amount after fees. The amount may be less than 100% correct if the pair has a lot of trading activity.

  • Sell X % or 25%/50%/75% and 100%: sell the desired percentage of your trade balance. The bot will convert it into the appropriate token amount.

  • Sell X Token: this option allows you to specify the sell amount using token amounts.

  • Sell X USD: this option allows you to set the sell amount in dollars.

On the buy side, you have:

  • Buy Max: buy the biggest amount of tokens possible using your wallet balance, leaving enough $SEI for another transaction after the trade is concluded.

  • Buy X SEI or default buy amounts: buy the token using a specific amount of $SEI tokens.

  • Buy X USD: buy the token using a specific amount of dollars.

There are three additional buttons below:

  1. Pin: allows you to pin the current trade, making it always accessible in the chat (note: this feature is still under construction)

  2. Reset: the reset button is an advanced feature and should only be used to add trades that were triggered manually or if an unexpected error occurred while using the buy/trade panel. It allows you to update your shown trade balance is different from the token balance in your wallet.

  3. Remove: this allows you to remove the trade panel. You should only do this once the trade is no longer active.

Using the โ† and โ†’ buttons, you can move between different trade positions (indicated next to the token symbol in the second row).


After you submit a buy or sell transaction, a message such as the following one will appear:

This very useful message provides succinct information about the execution price and realized profit/loss, and has a link to the transaction on Seiscan.

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